A Ninety Year Celebration



The People’s United Methodist Church meeting hall was the scene of a huge celebration on Sunday for the ninetieth birthday of Lynn Fickett Leighton Hill. Her ninetieth birthday just happened to fall on Mother’s Day this year so her children and grandchildren thought this would be a good time to celebrate her. The big party was organized by daughter Sandy Newman and her helpers and they were assisted by the members of the United Methodist Women and members of the church.

Two of Lynn’s grandchildren lit the candles for the beginning of the church service and during the service the congregation honored her by singing “Happy Birthday”. After the service, sixty-two people including family members (four children, five grand children, nine great grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren with one more on the way) met in the downstairs hall for the celebration.  The participants traveled from St. Stephen, Charlotte, Bangor, Old Town, Orono, Augusta, Alexander and Baileyville.

Toby Anne Peoples created a birthday card with pictures of Lynn throughout her life.  Another display of pictures of Lynn through her ninety years was available for attendees to view. Carleton Brown, a longtime friend and church co-worker of Lynn’s, gave a testimonial on Lynn’s many years of service to the People’s United Methodist Church and her years of dedication to the United Methodist Women. Rachel Hamilton, another long time friend and church co-worker of Lynn’s, presented Lynn with a past-president’s pin for the United Methodist Women.  Lynn had asked that, instead of gifts, attendees donate non-perishable goods for the local food pantry and she was flabbergasted at the amount of food donated.

After people shared their stories of Lynn and shared fellowship over the food prepared by Lynn’s friends and relatives, she was presented by a beautiful birthday cake that was covered with all of the wonderful names she has been called throughout her life: Mamma, Sis, Nana, Fickett and the like. Lynn also received many cards through the week.  At the end of the party, everyone agreed that the party was a great success, the food wonderful and the fellowship of Lynn’s friends and family members was the highlight of the day.  Congratulations, Lynn, on your very happy ninetieth birthday.

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